Sometimes life has to change
Sep 2013 29

As a photographer I feel like it’s important to capture important moments in my family. This Friday was a big day for my little brother.

The Power of a Polaroid
Aug 2013 06

The most important tool I take while shooting in a developing country sure isn’t my big DSLR camera….well at least not the tool that helps me build relationships.

A Stop in Paris
Aug 2013 04

A full day of street photography on a transit day through Paris.

Mountain of the Sun Music Festival
Jun 2013 30

From amazing music to slacklines to food and fun this was a great festival. Big thanks to UpaDowna and Pikes Peak Foundation for having me out for the day to capture the beautiful moments.

Decisive Moments
Feb 2013 06

It’s 9:56pm in Paris and I am standing at the Trocadero, the plaza opposite the Eiffel tower. We just got here after a long walk from the Arc de Triomphe to photograph the twinkling of the lights on the tower

Seeing shades of light while shooting B+W
Feb 2013 03

A great exercise as a photographer is dialing your camera to black and white and learning to see shades of light rather than color. It opens your eye to see things differently and shoot on what I call the margins of light rather than just the proper exposure. On my last pass through Paris I did just that. And in turn came away with different photos than I would usually shoot. Try it next time you go out and shoot.

Subway Life #Paris
Feb 2013 01

Life underground in Paris

Faces of Honduras and El Salvador
Oct 2012 14

Beautiful people fill the country sides of both Honduras and El Salvador. Each one having their own story.

Defining your vision
Feb 2012 05

It’s midnight and you can’t sleep because your so confused on where you want to go in life. There are a couple of doors opening but which is the right one to walk through? If you’ve ever felt this way your not alone. Many of the greatest figures in history have also stood

On the seventh day he rested from all his work.
Jan 2012 08

On the seventh day he rested from all his work.

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